U.S. Department of Energy
CyberForce Competition
Nov. 30-Dec. 1, 2018

The DOE Cyber Defense Competition is now the

What is the CyberForce Competition?

CyberForce is a Cyber Defense Competition (CDC). A CDC is a competition that focuses on the defensive/hardening nature of cyber security.  A typical CDC has a Blue Team (defenders) that protects a network infrastructure from the Red Team (attackers). A blue team consists of college students who secure and harden their competition system. A red team consists of students or industry professionals that work to cause cyber destruction to the blue teams’ network infrastructures. The competition is scored utilizing a point system. Points can be both given and taken away depending on the actions or lack of action from both blue and red teams. The blue team with the most points at the end of the competition is declared the winner of the event.

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Join Us in November and December

Seven (7) national laboratories will host student teams on Nov. 30-Dec. 1, 2018:

  • Argonne National Laboratory (Illinois)
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory (New York)*
  • Idaho National Laboratory (Idaho)*
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (California)*
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Tennessee)
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Washington)
  • Sandia National Laboratory (New Mexico)*

* Designates new national laboratory sites

Save the Date!
Setup - November 30, 2018
Competition - December 1, 2018


  • April 2018 Cyber Defense Competition Winners

    National Winner: Lewis University Regional Winners Argonne National Laboratory University of Central Florida Iowa State University Oak Ridge National Laboratory University of Memphis University of South Alabama Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Oregon State University University of Idaho … Read More

April 2018 National Winner

Lewis University

Interested in Sponsorship or an Industry Booth?

Institutions interested in partnering please contact CyberForce-Sponsorship@anl.gov for more information.


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